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I always had an innate love for climbing as a child, but I didn’t begin climbing regularly in the gym until I joined a local youth team and began competing in 2009. Inspired by the talent of my peers, I became increasingly serious about my training, setting my goals higher and higher as the years passed.

Things took a sudden turn in 2013, when I was dropped 35 feet at a local climbing competition due to a belayer error. Struggling with a fear of leading as a result of the incident, I found empowerment in pushing my mental and physical limits in both outdoor sport climbing and bouldering. While at first this meant re-learning to confidently take whips outside, it soon evolved into a love of highball bouldering and trad climbing.

After making an Instagram account dedicated to sharing my climbing journey, I wanted to find ways I can inspire other women to climb. I believe that by sharing our experiences, we can fight the notion that climbing is a men’s sport and find a stronger representation of women in climbing.


Hometown: Tucson, AZ.

Instagram: @claire.bukowski



Project Details:

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