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    10.6mm Dynagym™ Single Rope
    10.6mm Dynagym™ Single Rope

    This durable, long lasting dynamic rope is UIAA and CE certified to withstand the punishment of indoor climbing walls. Manufactured with a thicker sheath than traditional dynamic ropes of similar diameter. It exhibits minimal sheath slippage and features a low impact force for leading or top-roping in gyms.

    Available in:
    100M and 200M Lengths in Blue or Green.

    Diameter: 10.6mm
    Grams Per Meter: 77
    Impact Force: 8.3 kN
    UIAA Falls Held: 11
    Static Elongation: 9.0%
    Dynamic Elongation: 34.2%
    Sheath Slippage: -5 mm
    Sheath Mass: 41%

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    10.1mm Dynaplus™ Single Rope
    10.1mm Dynaplus™ Single Rope

    The 10.1mm DynaPlus features a smooth 40 carrier solution dyed sheath for long wear and exceptional handling. 10.1mm diameter is perfect for gyms while a low impact force saves wear and tear on anchors.

    Available in:
    100M and 200M Lengths.

    Diameter: 10.1mm
    Grams Per Meter: 69
    Impact Force: 7.5 kN
    UIAA Falls Held: 7
    Static Elongation: 8.6%
    Dynamic Elongation: 36.7%
    Sheath Slippage: 0 mm
    Sheath Mass: 37%

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    10.5mm Gymline™ LE Static Rope
    10.5mm Gymline™ LE Static Rope

    Specifically designed for top-roping applications, the 10.5mm Gymline LE (Low Elongation) is hard-wearing and long lasting with no compromises. This rope is manufactured using solution dyed polyester in the sheath and nylon in the core. It undergoes a unique specialized manufacturing process which gives it the ability to maintain flexibility without the excess sheath slippage associated with other ropes of this type. The Gymline LE is NOT intended nor is it suitable for lead climbing.

    Available in:
    100M and 200M Lengths in Red Mix or Orange/Black.

    @ 300 lbf. = 2.6%
    @ 600 lbf. = 6.4%
    @ 1000 lbf. = 8.4%

    Diameter: 10.5mm
    Grams Per Meter: 72
    Sheath Slippage: 0
    Tensile Strength: 6,500lbf. (28.9 kN)
    Sheath Mass: 50%

    10.3mm Gymline™ LE Static Rope

    A slimmer version of our workhorse 10.5mm GymLine low elongation rope. The 10.3mm Gymline LE has a completely redesigned core to allow for better handling charactersitics and reduce stiffening with age and use. Features a 32 carrier polyester sheath with a nylon core.

    Available in:
    100M and 200M Lengths in Red/Blue.

    @ 300 lbf. = 4.6%
    @ 600 lbf. = 7.9%
    @ 1000 lbf. = 11.5%

    Diameter: 10.3mm
    Grams Per Meter: 74
    Tensile Strength: 6,500 lbf. (28.9 kN)
    Sheath Mass: 50%

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