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"SHIVERER BIVERING" The F.A. of Gorillas in the Mist

So my good buddy Jens Holsten who lives up in Washington just sent me some cool footage which I edited into this short video…this is what he had to say. “This is from a first ascent I just completed on Mt. Stuart-Washington’s largest non-volcanic peak. Myself, along with friends Sol Werkin and Blake Herrington, climbed Gorrillas in the Mist in poor conditions and found ourselves lost on the upper mountain, rime ice forming all around us. Even though all of us have shivered through nights in different parts of the globe, this night was the coldest ever…and on a peak I have climbed so many times. Pretty funny. The cool thing is that we stuck out the night and got a great summit the next morning. It’s crazy how fast you forget all the suffering.”

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