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28 January, 2019 Back to News/Events


Sean was lost in a March 2014 accident doing what he loved.
We are leaving this up for the links and for his story.

I’m a climber, wingsuiter and adventurer. I love earth. We live on an amazing planet!

Primary Residence: Yosemite, CA
Years Climbing: 19

How did you start? Age 15 top-roping with the Boy Scouts in the Sierra foothills.

What’s your most memorable climbing experience? The latest one is the Asgard Project: Skydiving, BASE jumping, free climbing, and all around adventure on Baffin Island! Second place would be free climbing El Cap and Half Dome in a day and third would be soloing 150 pitches in a day in Yosemite.

Favorite climbing area, and why? Yosemite! Other than the obvious reasons (amazing weather, giant granite cliffs, intense natural beauty), it is my native habitat. Plus where else can I go into the backyard and run up a 14 pitch 5.6 route for breakfast? Then paddle an amazing river (the Merced), walk a slackline in a gorgeous meadow with friends, spend the afternoon bouldering in a quiet forest and then hike to the top of a dome in time for an amazing California sunset? It’s like a dream.

What is the most over-hyped area? Boulder, CO. Although a lot of close friends have migrated there lately. What is the most under-hyped area? The vast oceans of climbable granite in the high Sierra to the north and south of Yosemite.

What does your mother say about your adventures? Just don’t tell Grandma.

What other activities do you participate in? Skydiving, kayaking, foosball, mountain biking, skiing, and lots of driving.

What do you like about Blue Water? They are an American rope company that make awesome ropes used by cutting edge climbers stretching the limits of modern climbing.

Favorite Blue Water rope? The Dominator wins. Light yet strong, perfect rope for big wall free climbing.

The Confidence To Climb

BlueWater's industry-leading innovations began six generations ago and continue today in their family-owned & operated factory in the USA, where their unwavering commitment to hand-crafted manufacturing processes deliver durable, state-of-the-art products at the fairest prices.

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