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We are a climbing company. We are a family-owned American rope manufacturer with climbing in our DNA. Our roots trace back to the family textile business that began manufacturing in Georgia in 1903. Our modern history began in 1969 when we manufactured the first American-made kernmantle caving rope. We were the first American rope company to make a dynamic climbing rope and ever since those early days we’ve continued to make our trusted ropes even better. After six consecutive generations in textile manufacturing, BlueWater Ropes is THE standard in quality and durability.

If you don’t believe us, just look at what ropes a ton of the top climbers in the world trust every time they go on belay. You’ll see a BlueWater rope between the ground and Conrad Anker, Kai Lightner, Beth Rodden, and so many other elite climbers every time they’re on a gym wall or in the Himalayas.

Maybe the smartest climbers use BW because we consistently have the highest quality ratings, lowest impact force, lowest grams per meter (which matters a lot when you’re hauling gear up a big wall) and the softest catching ropes on the market. We always have been, and always will be there for today’s climbers. So go ahead and throw that dyno, because knowing you’re tied into a BlueWater rope, might just be the confidence you need to stick it. Climb on.