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Tommy Caldwell frees the Dawn Wall!

After seven years, and a final push that lasted a solid 19 days, the Dawn Wall has been free climbed by Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson. “So proud of these guys!! ” posted Alex Honnold on Instagram. “So, so psyched!!
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Team Catalyst was hard to stop at US Nationals last month at Stone Summit in Atlanta, GA.  They were able to place 12 of 14 competitors in the top three and 8 were selected for the USA Paraclimbing team to
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Both Delaney Miller and Ashima Shiraishi had flashed the women’s finals route so setters added a few foot chips to the men’s finals route, allowed them some flash beta which gave them an advantage over the men’s onsight format, and
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Sean Leary Killed BASE Jumping

BlueWater athlete, Prolific climber, adventurer and BASE Jumper Sean “Stanley” Leary was killed  in a BASE jumping accident that occurred on March 13, near Zion National Park, Utah. Chris McNamara, a frequent partner of Leary and owner of posted
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Honnold and Caldwell Complete First Ascent of Fitz Traverse

The Fitz Traverse involved roughly three miles of climbing with over 13,000 feet of vertical gain. The enchainment included free-climbing up to 5.11d with some aid (C1) and 65-degree slopes according to Garibotti. Honnold and Caldwell simul-climbed much of the terrain, and
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