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Nepal photos © Rob Raker. Images at Poko © Alden Pellet

Primary Residence: Keene, N.Y.
How did you start? My English teacher was a climber, and ran a small school outing club. Back in the early eighties, in the Adirondacks, there weren’t many regular local climbers. When I took a real interest, he helped me along and introduced me to other area climbers. I became the unwitting belay slave for several experienced climbers and spent my younger years climbing above my head and scared.

What kind of climbing do you prefer? I like to climb trad mixed climbs and enjoy thin ice that appears in odd places.

What was my most memorable climbing experience? I don’t have one, there are several that keep me walking around with a smile.

What do I think of trad climbing? I think it’s the soul of the sport.

What do you think of sport climbing? I think it has advanced the grades and physical difficulty of the sport, but lacks the cerebral and consequential part of the sport that I enjoy most.

Alpine Climbing? Alpine climbing is amazing if there aren’t too many others around, technical alpine climbing is, for me, of the most rewarding types of climbing.

Mixed climbing? See above

Bouldering? I used to ride my ten speed over to the local boulders when I was in high school. This was before climbing walls, so it was the best way to train. I haven’t bouldered much since then.

What did Mom say? She didn’t say much, she’s always been supportive, though I knew she was worried.

Favorite food? Mexican

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