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    10MM BIG WALL™

    The 10mm Big Wall rope utilizes polyester in the sheath and nylon in the core. The core and sheath yarns are both cabled construction for durability. This combination allows this rope to have excellent handling characteristics and knotability along with a high tensile strength and reduced bulk. Made to withstand the rigors of demanding situations where smaller diameter ropes are desired. NOT certified to NFPA 1983/2012 edition due to the diameter not meeting minimum requirements.

    Available in:
    200', 300', and 600' Lengths.

    @ 300 lbf. = 3.8%
    @ 600 lbf. = 6.7%
    @ 1000 lbf. = 8.9%

    Diameter: 10mm
    Grams Per Meter: 70
    Tensile Strength: 6,800 lbf. (30.2 kN)
    Sheath Mass: 44%

    9.5mm HaulLine

    The 9.5 mm HaulLine is a slimmer version of the tried and true 10mm Big Wall low elongation rope. It features a completely balanced 32 carrier S/Z, Z/S solution dyed sheath strands for a smooth and durable sheath. Lightweight and strong. Made in the U.S.A.

    Available in:
    60M or 70M Lengths.

    @ 300 lbf. = 3.8%
    @ 600 lbf. = 7.7%
    @ 1000 lbf. = 10.8%

    Diameter: 9.5mm
    Grams Per Meter: 68
    Tensile Strength: 5,000 lbf. (22.2 kN)
    Sheath Mass: 50%

    8mm Pull Down Cord

    BlueWater's 8 mm Pull Down Cord is the perfect balance of form and function. Slightly stiffer than standard “accessory” cord constructions for better manageability. The tightly braided, solution dyed polyester sheath makes this rope a standout for durability. 32 carrier sheath construction. Cabled nylon core construction.

    Available in:
    60M or 70M Lengths.

    @ 300 lbf. = 6.1%
    @ 600 lbf. = 10.2%
    @ 1000 lbf. = 13.4%

    Diameter: 8mm
    Grams Per Meter: 44
    Tensile Strength: 4275 lbf./ 19kN
    Sheath Mass: 48%

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