7.7mm Ice Floss Dynamic Twin Rope

We designed the 7.7 mm Ice Floss twin exclusively for extreme alpine and ice climbing. This design is the ultimate in lightweight, compact ropes. Its smooth, single pick sheath reduces rope drag. Ice Floss is the choice of world renowned climbers because of the usual BlueWater performance and quality characteristics. Completely redesigned with a 40 carrier braid sheath.

Available in:
Double-Dry: 37M, 60M, and 70M in Red/Yellow or Yellow/Red

Diameter:    7.7mm
Grams Per Meter:   41.7
Impact Force:    8.6 kN
UIAA Falls Held:    18
Static Elongation:    5.5%
Dynamic Elongation:    22.8%
Sheath Slippage:    0 mm
Sheath Mass:    30%

EU Regulation Declaration – 7.7mm Ice Floss


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