9.5mm Sure-Grip™ River Rescue Rope with HMPE

9.5mm Sure-Grip™ River Rescue Rope with HMPE

An innovative, original design by BlueWater. The individual sheath strands of Sure-Grip rope vary in size to give you a better grip on this small diameter rope whether wet or dry. A braided HMPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) fiber core gives this rope a high tensile strength and more cut resistance than polypropylene core strands. HMPE has a low specific gravity so this rope floats high in the water. Polypropylene sheath with a braided HMPE core. If you want the lightest high-performance rope in your bag, this is it. 

UL Classified to NFPA 1983/ 2017 edition for Throwlines

Available in:
50′, 70′, and 300′ Lengths in Yellow with Green Tracer

Diameter:     9.5mm
Grams Per Meter:    40
Tensile Strength:     22.7 kN (5,098 lbf)
Sheath Mass:     60%