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27 January, 2019 Back to News/Events


Primary Residence: Portland, OR

Yrs. Climbing: 30

How did you start? I was working in a bronze foundry, dying a slow death, and a guy asked me if I wanted to go climbing. I was like “can we leave work early?” I never looked back.

Describe your moment of glory? It mostly has to do with discovering areas that nobody has ever climbed at.

What kind of climbing do you prefer? Bouldering, runout slab routes. Little holds, dicey feet, technical face climbing is my favorite. It’s not too popular these days.

What significance does climbing have in your life? The day I was started was the day I was born.

In the real world? None.

Are you afraid? Yeah.

Are you afraid to die? It’s inevitable…

What did your mother say when you started climbing? My parents were supportive.

What’s your favorite food? Sushi.

Do you watch TV? Yeah, sports. I’m a sports fan.

What’s the hardest sport you’ve tried? Skateboarding

What advice would you give someone that wants to be a professional climber? It’s a hard job, not an entitlement. Treat it like the best JOB you’ll ever have. I’ve been dealing with “pros” for years, at BlueWater and Entre Prises. I can count on one hand the actual “pros” in the industry, and most of them are on the BW team. I can count on all these guys to represent, morning, noon and night.

What are some of the sacrifices involved with being a professional climber? Too much traveling, too many parties, VIP treatment… No, seriously, there are no real sacrifices if you understand that it’s a killer JOB.

What do you like about Bluewater? Good people, leading edge product.

The Confidence To Climb

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