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28 January, 2019 Back to News/Events


I grew up in Orange County CA and started climbing when I was seven years old. My parents who didn’t climb would take me to the climbing gym about once a week and every summer I would go to the kids summer camp. I started experimenting with outdoor climbing when I was in my mid teens. At the time real rock was this great unknown adventure that I knew almost nothing about.  I managed to survive some pretty epic adventures through high school. In 2008 I dropped out of community collage and moved to Yosemite where I worked a low paying  job and climbed almost every day. It was in the Valley where my climbing life really took off. Since 2008 ive been climbing nonstop and travelling all around the U.S in my little 94 honda civic.

I enjoy all types of climbing but my biggest passion is big wall climbing. I love all day epics where you climb fast and try to do as much climbing as possible. Ive done big linkups in places like Yosemite Valley, Zion, Red Rocks and The Black Canyon. Ive also made free ascents on many classic big wall aid routes. The process of figuring out free climbing sequences high off the ground is difficult but also extremely rewarding.  I spend most of my time living out my car but for the last few years I’ve considered my home base to be Boulder Colorado.  I love the community there and the large verity of climbing so close to town.

In the future I’d like to travel outside the U.S and explore different climbing areas around the world. However most of my main climbing objectives are in Yosemite Valley. I’d like to test myself on some of El Caps harder free climbs and try bigger/ harder linkups around The Valley. Perhaps as I get older climbing will become less important but for now it’s all I think about.

The Confidence To Climb

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