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26 January, 2019 Back to News/Events


Primary residence: Boulder

How did you start? I was first introduced to rock climbing while getting my B.A. in English at Humboldt State in Northern California.

What kind of climbing do you prefer? I prefer rocks but will also climb trees and buildings.

What’s your most memorable climbing experience? Nearly getting frozen to the side of Mount Asgard in Baffin Island!

What do you think of trad climbing? That’s my roots, I came up climbing in J-Tree and Yosemite. I do think that people get a little caught up in trying to define the differences between sport and trad etc… To me it’s all just rock climbing.

Sport climbing? Great training for traditional goals but the Lycra kind of chafes!

Alpine climbing? Only once a year so I have time to forget how horrifying and uncomfortable it was!

Mixed climbing? A scary mix of aid climbing and free soloing, I try to stay away from it unless I’ve been dumped.

Bouldering? Great power training, but not a big fan of split tips, and dudes power spotting my butt!

What did your mother say when you started climbing? “Make sure you can climb down whatever you climb up.”

What’s your favorite food? I like picking plumbs!

What are you reading? The Island by Alduous Huxley.

What are you driving? A pimped out 89 Camry….if you consider rust, and faded paint pimped out!

Do you watch TV? Yes….movies mostly, but gotta love the Simpsons and shout out for Robot Chicken!!!

Do you climb indoors a lot? No, I’m lucky enough to spend most of my time following the sun and climbing on real rock! Plus there are eight year olds who climb harder in the gym than me… so it’s a little discouraging!!

What other activities do you participate in? Mountain Biking has become a big passion and I love playing the guitar and painting on canvas and watercolor paper.

What’s the hardest sport you’ve tried? Sky Diving (seems like it would be simple right!)

Do you have a hero? Obama is the man!

Why? He’s giving a lot of people hope for change, and he’s down with the fist tap!

How much do you travel? A whole lot, and least three months out of the country a year, usually more.

What do you like most about traveling? Experiencing cultures vastly different from the western one in which we live, and seeing the beautiful earth from as many perspectives as possible. I also believe that jet lag is a natural high!

What do you learn from your travels? How to think on the fly, and deal with adversity. You learn to appreciate diversity, and most importantly you learn that all humans have the same basic needs, and are more the same than different.

If you could only climb in one place for the rest of your life, where would it be? Yosemite.

Why? Is there anywhere else? Because it is the best climbing area in the universe, if that was ruled out I’d have to hang out in Indian Creek.

What’s the most over-hyped area? Rifle.

What’s the most under-hyped area? Trinity Aretes.

What are your strengths? Weaknesses? Strengths: being creative, and flexible on the way to my goals. Weaknesses: women, beer, and climbing.

What’s the best thing about being in a photoshoot? Creating a postcard/snapshot of one of your favorite climbs.

The worst thing about being in a photoshoot? Waiting for the light, and climbing the crux section over and over.

What advice would you give to someone that wants to be a professional climber? Never give up on your dreams no matter how silly they are, and in this case it turns out…they are pretty silly. First of all make sure that climbing is your real passion, and that this is how you want to support yourself, and get ready for the harsh reality that this isn’t surfing or skateboarding… no one is getting rich.

What do you like about Bluewater? An American Company that is dedicated to quality, performance and safety. Bomb tested ropes!!!

What’s your favorite Bluewater product? The Dominator has been with me for nearly every climb. From Alpine adventures in Alaska, to sport climbs in China, death ball run outs in the Czech Republic, to hard cracks in Indian Creek, the Dominator dominates!!!


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