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27 January, 2019 Back to News/Events


Primary residence: Chattanooga, TN

How did you start?  

When I was in high school I met a girl that was a climber.  One day she took me to the teams practice and I was hooked immediately.  I probably spent every day that summer either in the gym or at the Obed. 

Describe the perfect day:  Sunny, 40 degrees, and a motivated crew of friends!

What have you learned from climbing?  Climbing has taught me a ton about myself.  Never in my life have i been so dedicated to a single thing.  It proved that if you work hard for something, anything is possible .

What significance does climbing have in your life? Climbing is everything to me. Without it I don’t know what I would do.

Are you afraid to break bones? Not really.  More nervous towards finger injuries.

Are you afraid to die? I try not to think about that much.  

What did your mother say when you started climbing? Get a job.

What does your mother say about it now that you’re jet-setting, rich and famous? Follow your dreams

What’s your favorite food? I love everything.  But right now probably pasta.

What are you driving? Subaru 

Do you watch TV? No

Do you climb competitively? Occasionally 

Why? It’s fun. Makes me try hard and it’s cool to see so many strong climbers in one place.  Makes me realize that I still have room to improve.

What do you like most about comps? The high energy

What do you like least about comps? The competitive nature

What do you think of the comp scene? They’re great.  Personally though I just don’t understand how people put so much energy into only competing.  I have respect for their discipline and dedication. To each is own. 

How do you train for comps? I don’t. I just train for climbing outside and hope I’m in good shape when it it’s time to compete . 

Do you climb indoors a lot? Only when the weather is bad 

Does it make you stronger or weaker? It makes me stronger for sure.

What other activities do you participate in? Skateboarding

What’s the hardest sport you’ve tried? Water skiing 

How much do you travel? A ton. Probably at least 7 months out of the year.

What’s the most over-hyped area? Bishop. So sharp.

What’s the most under-hyped area? Southeast.

Do you train your weaknesses or your strengths? Both

What’s the best thing about being in a photo shoot? Seeing friends

The worst thing about being in a photoshoot? Posing

What advice would you give to someone that wants to be a professional climber? Just have fun and let it flow. Work hard and don’t give up on your dream.

What’s your favorite BlueWater product? The 9.7 lighting pro

Why? Has a great feel and is indestructible. 

The Confidence To Climb

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