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28 January, 2019 Back to News/Events


My first rock climbing experience was in high school through a program called the Urban Pioneers.  Through this program I learned the basics of climbing and continued to learn on my own.  Whenever I got the chance I would take weekend trips out to Yosemite in an attempt to climb.  I remember at some point feeling that if I really wanted to speed up the learning curve I would have to spend extensive amounts of time climbing.  In 2000 that’s exactly what I did.  I quit my job as a barista in San Francisco and packed up for Yosemite.  Through the years I would follow the same routine, work some job in the bay area just long enough to save up to go climb again.  I traveled around to climb in Utah, Oregon, and Nevada, but most of my time was spent close to home in the Sierra Nevada.  I made a ton of new friends, learned from some amazing climbers and scaled most of the classic Yosemite climbs.  In 2008 I made one of my dreams come true when I free climbed El Capitan up the Freerider route.

Since then I have done the first free ascent of Wapama Rock.  A 1,500 ft big wall in Hetch Hetchy, Yosemite.  In the High Sierra I created one of the hardest single pitch alpine routes named “Nalazak” 5.13 up a rope stretching 70 meter all-styles climb.  I’ve traveled to Malaysia to establish a new route on a previously unclimbed tooth of rock known as the North Dragon’s Horn and established another route on an adjacent formation on the South Dragon’s Horn.  Most recently I’ve established a 9 pitch free climb on Fifi Buttress and the first free ascent of the Liberty Cap both in Yosemite Valley.

My time spent in Yosemite helped shape me into the climber that I am today.  By far my most memorable climbing experiences have been on new routes.  The adventurous spirit inside me loves the exploration involved with first ascents.  The entire process of a new first ascent excites me.  Seeing a new wall with no known routes, jamming into cracks that have never seen human travel, these things intrigue me like nothing else.  The feeling of climbing into the unknown is wild and mysterious.  I love it!  I live for it!

Climbing is and will always be part of who I am.  It’s a way for me to express my creativity and it’s evident in the routes I establish.  The wall is my canvas, the routes are my art; The adventure and experience is unique every time.  I have always been a firm believer that the rope should be a climbers most important piece of equipment. BlueWater Ropes have always stood above any other rope with their durability and handling.  I wouldn’t trust my life or my partners life on anything but the best.

The Confidence To Climb

BlueWater's industry-leading innovations began six generations ago and continue today in their family-owned & operated factory in the USA, where their unwavering commitment to hand-crafted manufacturing processes deliver durable, state-of-the-art products at the fairest prices.

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