10.6mm Dynagym™ Single Rope

This durable, long lasting dynamic rope is UIAA and CE certified to withstand the punishment of indoor climbing walls. Manufactured with a thicker sheath than traditional dynamic ropes of similar diameter. It exhibits minimal sheath slippage and features a low impact force for leading or top-roping in gyms.

Available in:
26M, 37M, 100M and 200M Lengths in Blue or Green.

Diameter: 10.6mm
Grams Per Meter: 77
Impact Force: 8.3 kN
UIAA Falls Held: 11
Static Elongation: 9.0%
Dynamic Elongation: 34.2%
Sheath Slippage: -5 mm
Sheath Mass: 41%

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Declaration of Conformity -10.6mm DynaGym


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