11.4mm (7/16″) Assaultline®

ASSAULTLINE® is THE original low visibility, low elongation rope. ASSAULTLINE® is designed specifically for military, police and other applications where low visibility is required. Its construction is the same superior design and quality as the BWII+ series of ropes but with a double twist cabled polyester sheath and a double twist cabled nylon core. Buy American Act [BAA] qualified. Made in USA.

Rope classifications:
NFPA 2500(1983) Life Safety Rope – Technical Use
EN 1891 Low Stretch Kernmantle Rope – Type A
UIAA 107 Low Stretch Ropes

EU Regulation Declaration – 11.4mm Assaultline

150FT, 200FT, 300FT, 600FT, and 200M Lengths in Solid Black or Olive Drab

@ 300 lbf = 2.9%
@ 600 lbf = 6.2%
@ 1000 lbf = 8.2%

Diameter:    7/16″ (11.5mm)
Grams Per Meter:    88.96
Tensile Strength:    7,351 lbf (32.7 kN)
Sheath Mass:    53%
Weight Per 100 Feet:    6.6 lbs