7MM Accessory Cord

A nylon sheath with nylon core accessory cord for a multitude of applications limited only by the imagination. CE and UIAA Certified.

Available in:
20FT Cordelette Lengths in Blue or Red Mix (3,000 lbf)
30FT Lengths in Blue, Red, or Sprout Mix
50FT Lengths in Camo
100FT Lengths in Sprout
60M Lengths in Red, Sprout, Black / Melon Mixes, Camo, or Solid Black

@ 300 lbf = 8.6%
@ 600 lbf =12.8%
@ 1000 lbf = 15.3%

Diameter:     7.1mm
Grams Per Meter:     32.93
Tensile Strength:     2,473 lbf (11 kN)
Sheath Mass:     46%

EU Regulation Declaration – 7.0mm Accessory Cord