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Above video is from the amazing cinematographer and Bluewater athlete, Renan Ozturk.


From the Himalayas to overhang routes at local climbing gyms, our made in U.S.A. ropes are trusted around the world. Climbers love our ropes because we are constantly developing new products that work perfectly for their specific needs. Our dynamic ropes are the best performing ropes in the industry and come in a variety of lengths, diameters and colors. Our low elongation, static, and canyoneering ropes are both durable and user friendly. As always, our standards and commitment to quality is the highest in the industry. Since 1969, we have hand inspected every inch of every rope to give you the absolute best. If you’re new to recreational, or sport climbing, and ready to make your first rope purchase, trust the ropes that are trusted by the best climbers out there–Conrad Anker, Tommy Caldwell, Renan, Ashima, Megos and many more. When you’re harnessed to a Bluewater rope, you’ll have the confidence to focus on climbing without any worries about the falls you inevitably will take. Remember, Bluewater is always between you and the ground.


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